Tele2 gave its portfolio a major update in March. Tele2 customers receive extra benefits when they combine their mobile subscription with fixed internet from T-Mobile Home with the Customer Benefit Programme. With this, T-Mobile is further opening up the market for fixed internet. The telecom provider continues to challenge the market and consumers are the big winners.

In addition to a 5 euro extra discount on the T-Mobile Home subscription, customers who combine their subscriptions will receive up to 5GB extra data per month on their Tele2 mobile subscription. Existing and new customers with a mobile subscription of the Tele2 brand can use Tele2 Customer Benefit from today.

Renewed offer
Tele2 wants to significantly increase the number of customers with multiple subscriptions at one address with the renewed offer. It was previously possible for T-Mobile customers to combine their T-Mobile subscriptions, but now it is also becoming more attractive for Tele2 customers to use multiple services from Tele2 and T-Mobile Home. The customer can combine any Tele2 mobile subscription with fixed internet, or fixed internet and TV from T-Mobile Home. It is also possible to combine multiple mobile Tele2 subscriptions, whereby the customer benefits from extra data of up to 5GB per subscription per month.

Continue to challenge the market on fixed internet vast
In the past year, T-Mobile grew the fastest of all providers in the fixed internet market. With the renewed offer, the telecom provider shows that it continues to challenge the fixed internet market. With the customer benefit programs of Tele2 and T-Mobile, the organization offers a serious and simple alternative in the Dutch market for combined subscriptions.

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