Fresh and inspiring. Those are the two words that describe the new design of BUX Zero. BUX, Europe’s fastest growing mobile broker, today introduces a new look for investment app BUX Zero in which ‘building’ plays a central role. Characteristic of the new design are the striking color Amaranth, the digital-native font Maison Neue and imaginative illustrations.

Build a better financial future
The concept of “building” is part of the entire customer journey and is reflected in all BUX Zero channels; from the app to the website to social. By choosing to “build”, the mobile broker makes the comparison with investing. Building means putting parts together according to a systematic plan with a specific goal in mind; the final product. According to BUX, investing works the same way; you build a better financial future by investing in ETFs and stocks according to a systematic plan, with a certain end goal in sight. Introducing building unites all functions of the BUX Zero channels.

Color with a lot of depth
The choice of the new color, which is the red, in this case pink, thread of the new design was done in consultation with the BUX community. In the end, the choice fell on a vibrant primary color; a color that distinguishes and enhances, namely Amaranth. In addition to a new central color, BUX also opts for a new font. The new font stands out because it is specially designed for digital products and strikes the perfect balance between the practical value of readability and creative expression; the core of the new design.

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